Repent For Your Sins

If the end came today where would you be heading? Heaven or Hell?
We would all like to believe, Heaven, but since so many of us are sinners that just might not be possible unless you repent for your sins. when we sin the only ones we are truly hurting are ourselves and every person feels a desire to right a wrong if given the opportunity. this is your opportunity to set right the many wrongs in your life and to ask for the forgiveness that you so greatly desire..

Are you prepared for judgment if it came today?
The sad fact is that most of us are not ready because we have failed to truly repent and have not yet been absolved of our Earthly sins. often times judgment comes from within because the sins live within us for a lifetime and beyond.

What does it mean to repent?
In order to truly repent and to be absolved you must honestly seek forgiveness and prove through penance that you are truly a changed person.

How can I truly seek forgiveness and be absolved of my sins?
First you must be truly remorsefully for the sins you have committed. Then you must pay your debts for the things you have done in order to clear your conscience and be forgiven. it is a cleansing process that not only will affect you but also those around you as you will begin to exude a positive ness that others will be able to feel.

Does repenting for my sins involve sacrifice?
Yes. Paying your debts means that you must offer restitution in the form of something of great value to you in order to prove that you are truly regretful. This is the sacrifice that you must make as consideration for what you have done. Obviously the more you are willing to sacrifice the stronger the effect will be as it shows just how serious you are and that you truly intend the sins never to be repeated.

Even if I do repent for my sins, how can I be sure it will work?
The sacrifice is the most important. It is the form of giving back as a show of faith that you believe in what you are doing and fully intend for this repayment to cleanse you and your conscience. This sacrifice is the key to your success in being absolved of your sins and will put you on the path to the purification of the soul,

What can I offer as restitution?
You must offer what is of most value here on earth but that which has no value in the afterlife. Money. I know it hurts to give up your hard earned or not so hard earned money. But sacrifice was meant to hurt! that is why it is called sacrifice and not pleasure. It is your penance. your punishment to yourself to begin to make up for all of the things you have done.

Does the punishment have to fit the crime?
No. The more you are willing to sacrifice today shows just how serious you are about truly wanting to be forgiven. This is the meaning of repenting. You don’t repent just a little bit. If you want it to work you need to fully and truly ask for forgiveness by offering this restitution and only through this undeniable sacrifice are you able to send out a strong enough request for the forgiveness you desire, for it to have an effect and for you to finally be absolved of your sins.

So how exactly does this work?
There is a link below where you can offer your restitution. Before you click the link and send anything you must have in your mind the exact sins for which you are asking to be absolved. it may help to wright them down on a piece of paper first. then say to yourself something like the following. “with this sacrifice i repent for the sins that i have committed and ask to be absolved of those sins.”

Make the commitment to start today
when you make the oath to pay for every sin that you commit you will begin to live a more joyous and satisfying life. make sin free living your way of life and put yourself on the road to happieness and forgiveness today.

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present¬†– anonymous


Make Today Your Present!